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Battery Eliminator

Battery eliminator for use with any motorcycle with a magneto CDI ignition.

This device eliminates the need of a battery, it is maintenance free and weight about 50 grams. It suits most two stroke bikes e.g Tzr125-250, Rgv250, Nsr250, Rd350-500 and most single cylinder bikes.

Hand fabricated by a two stroke junkie.

Price is 20 Euro (worldwide posting costs included).


YPVS Programmable modification service and/ or Repair Service

Modification of your stock YPVS controller to a fully reprogrammable unit, for most Yamaha bikes.

After the modification the timing cycle of the exhaust valves will be fully adjustable. A corresponding chart with suggested settings is included.

This modification is available for many Yamaha motorcycles including Rd250/350/500, Tzr250 1KT/2MA, DT125/200, Tz250 up to '90 models etc.

Prices include worldwide posting back costs. 

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PGM Repair - Service for Honda Nsr250, Crm250 & RS250.

A repair-service for non or partially working Honda PGM ecu units, for the following models.

Nsr250 MC18 MK2 
Nsr250 MC21 
Nsr250 MC28 
Crm250 MK2 
Crm250 MK3 
Crm250 AR 
Rs250 NF5 
Rs250 NX5 
Rs250 NXA

You will have to post me the unit, I will repair it and then post it back to you.

For Crm250 units I only repair RC Valve problems. 
For Nsr250 - Rs250 units I repair both RS Valve and Ignition issues but please ask for a quote if your unit has multiple issues.

Derestriction of PgmII & PgmIII units for Nsr250 bikes is available at no extra charge. Just ask for it. 

Prices include worldwide posting back costs.

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Leak Down Tester Kits for :
Honda Rs125 NF4 NX4  
Honda Rs250 NX5 NXA
Honda Nsr250 Mc18 MKII, Mc21, Mc28
Suzuki Rgv250
Aprilia Rs250
Yamaha Tz125
Yamaha TZR250 - TDR250
Honda Rs250 NX5 NXA models

Honda Rs125 NF4 NX4 model
Suzuki Rgv250 & Aprilia Rs250 models

Yamaha TZ125

Yamaha TZR250 - TDR250

The leak-down testing set is an essential tool for any high performance two stroke engine.

This kit is installed in place of your carburetor and by pressurizing the engine cases you can check for any air leakage due to worn mating surfaces, erratic torque values due to aged parts etc. It is a necessary evil but it will help prevent catastrophic damage to your engine.

A very valuable tool for a two stroke engine, handmade with care.

Directions of use:

Testing can take place after a newly assembled engine to verify that everything is leak free, on a bike you just bought and you need to check crank seals condition etc.

Place the tool in the carb manifold, seal the cylinder head with a normal spark plug and seal the exhaust flange with the included rubber plug.

Pump the engine up to 5PSI and wait for 10 minutes. If there is a pressure drop of less than 0.5psi, then the test is successful and the engine is assembled correct.

If there is a pressure drop of more than 0.5psi, then fill the spray bottle with soapy water to find the leak and correct the issue.

Leak Down Testers for other motorcycle models will be added in the near future or upon request. 

Prices include worldwide posting costs.

Leak Down Tester Kits


Nsr250 MC21, Aluminum Blank Plugs (for the carb manifolds). 

A pair of aluminum blank plugs for removing the boost bottles on Honda Nsr250 bikes.
These plugs will improve throttle response, clear the area near the engine & help for easier carb removal.

Price is 15 Euro (worldwide posting costs included).


Honda Rs125 NF4 Expansion Chamber

Handmade exhaust for Honda RS125 NF4 (1990 - 1994) models.
This pipe will also fit 1987 - 1989 models but ONLY if a 1990-1994 cylinder is used as the exhaust flange is different on earlier models. Later 1995-1997 cylinders can be used as well and will work great with this pipe. 

The package includes : 
an expansion chamber
a suitable exhaust flange
2 X exhaust springs (same dimensions as OEM)

An end can is not included but the stock one can be used or even better a later NX4 type as the rear mounting point for the end can is not used. 

For more pictures of the expansion chamber, check out the below link. 

Price is 245 Euro (worldwide posting costs included). 
Prior buying the pipe, please contact for estimated delivery time. 

Sorry but the pipe is no longer available for sale. 


Main Jet Wrench for Keihin & Mikuni Carbs

This handmade tool can be used with all Keihin carburetors for Honda Rs125 - Rs250 bikes and Mikuni carburetors for Yamaha Tz125 - Tz250 bikes. 

It will also fit almost all Keihin - Mikuni carbs with 6mm hex main jets.

Main body of the tool is made of aluminum, it's longer than common jet wrenches as to better clear the carb bowl and features a knurled grip. 

For more info check out the below link : - main jet wrench for Keihin & Mikuni carbs

Price is 10 Euro (worldwide posting costs included).

Adjustable PowerJet Kit

Universal power jet kit that can be externally adjustable. For use on all two stroke carburetors. Check the main site for installation procedure and info on tuning.

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