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Nsr250 Mc28 parts for sale!

Started stripping & working on my Mc28, so some stuff have to go to fund for the new project. 
I will soon upload the parts on ebay and edit this post with links... 

Carbs: Stamped TB10A, in good working order, part of the solenoid section looks to be missing even though they were working great. TPS is included. ebay link

Notes & Tips: 
These are downdraft carbs that have a venturi diameter of 32mm.  HV tapered profile that bores out to about 35mm.
They may suit Mc21 engines as well but they have a shorter body (by about 12mm). 

Needles are J8LA (LH) & J8MA(RH). They have a 0.5mm washer positioned below them, that effectively leads to a richer mixture but dunno if this is how the carbs left the factory, so please check your manual... or just give them a try and decide for yourself. 

Needle jets are "bleed" type. This is fine for road use but racing applications require "primary" type needle jets, so keep that in mind for future upgrades. 

Main jets are #140 and pilot jets are #38.

The TPS aka Throttle Position Sensor is a 4.8K linear pot (even though it is written 4K on it?) It helps your PGM unit determine the position of the carb slides and tune the power valves accordingly. 

Mc28 manifolds : In good condition. No cracks or marks. ebay link
Notes & Tips: 
No provision for boost bottles and very short intake side, so they are a good choice for any serious track/ racing bikes including Mc21 bikes. The best manifolds I've seen on a street bike, well... second best after the RG400/500 bikes though these engines used rotary discs on the inlets. 

Solenoids with bracket : In good working order. ebay link
Notes & Tips: 
A necessary evil for all street guys out there... Contrary to common belief, they do affect the top rpms on Nsr bikes, so better keep them clean and in good working order. 
Let your battery get low and enjoy a sluggish performance. Keep your battery fresh and you will have no problems. This is because this type of solenoids require a constant and healthy voltage to keep them happy. You might want to try out one of my products that's called "Battery Eliminator" and you can find it one of my ebay auctions.

Airbox intakes : 
These boots are positioned after the carbs.  In good condition and ready to fit. ebay link
Notes & Tips: 
First time I see this configuration as they are positioned on the airbox side and not on the intake side. Looks like they are tuned to have the greatest effect at about 6K rpms but I'm not aware of a two stroke engine simulation program that will accept this configuration for testing.
Though they look good and will help keeping a still and constant velocity through them. 
For racing applications, they do need some trimming... grab this pair if you ever want to go back to standard. 

Oil bottles: complete and in good working order. Switch is tested and works fine. ebay link

Notes & Tips: No smart - a@@ talking here, proceed to one of my other auctions... 

Oil pump : In good working order. ebay link

Notes & Tips: 
The oil pump has a solenoid that is activated via the PGM unit anytime you turn the ignition key. This ensures that oil does not pour at the crankcases while the bike is not working. If there is excessive smoke every time you start the bike, then it's time to give it a good clean as it might not seal properly ...though two stroke smoke is good in my book and makes my day in the morning. 

MC28 front bodywork: 
What you see, is what you get. 
Some scratches and battle scars here and there, so they are not suitable for demonstration purposes. 

Mc28 rear pillion seat: In good shape, not in great condition on the underside but doesn't show when bolted on the bike. ebay link
Notes & Tips: 
I know you want this as a gift for your girlfriend but I'm not sure she will appreciate it. 
Apologize and repeat that ...NSR is a racing bike after all! 

Mc28 Glove box : In  good condition but the bottom side seems like it's sprayed white from the previous owner. I'm sure this can be removed easily and it doesn't show when on the bike anyway. ebay link
Notes & Tips: 
I  used to put a Castrol oil bottle in there but it was a tight fit so I swapped to Motul. Not! 

Have fun, keep the two strokes alive.