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2t-Racelab Stickers

Guy(UK) - Crm250 

Honda Rs250 JHA PGMII NK4K

Rare JHA PGM2 unit with power jet issues, repaired and posted back to Germany. 

PGMIII, CI605C and CΙ605E units.

  A couple ultra rare PGM3 units. One of the units is a CI605C and the middle one is a CI605E. All three units had ignition issues but I just finished working on them and are now ready for posting back to Timmy(HK). Cheers! Nick 

Vespa Smallframe, 3D Printed Silent Block pullers.

I needed to make some pullers as to remove the old silent blocks on my V50 crankcases but the Myford lathe is dismantled at the moment. The 3d printer came to the rescue and to my surprise the PETG pullers can withstand the forces really well.  Free download of the STL files in the below link.  Vespa Smallframe Silent Block Pullers Have fun.  Nick

This blog is now 12 years old.

Time flies and this blog is now 12 years old. I suppose I should had posted this on the 6th of July but better late than never. Have fun and keep the two strokes alive! Nick 

Nsr250 PGM3 Spacers

  The Myford saved the day again. PGMIII spacers on the lathe and grommets on the 3D printer. 

Nsr250 Mc21 Pgm3 Rubber Grommet

STL and 3MF files for 3D printing the Pgm-III rubber grommets. You can download the files in the below link : Nsr250 Mc21 Pgm3 Rubber Grommet - Description This is the “GR2” rubber grommet that along with a metal bushing and a screw, keeps the PGM-III unit in place.  A suitable material for the application is TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), a flexible filament with excellent vibration-damping properties, high toughness and chemical resistance. The grommet will be a little bit stiffer than the OEM part, so if you wish you can use TPE filament instead.  Please, tune your printer with the below settings for optimal results :  Plater :  Print Settings : 0.15mm Quality Filament : SainSmart TPU Supports : Everywhere  Infill : 10%  Layers and Perimeters :  Perimeters : 1  Solid layers, Top & Bottom : 5 & 4  Infill :  Top and Bottom fill pattern : Concentric   It is also possible to print the grommet on its side with a small portion chopped off, as to provide a flat p

Tzr250 F-III YEC Racing KIT Part, YPVS Control Unit

I just finished the repair of an ultra rare YPVS control unit, that belongs to Dan(UK).  I have repaired quite a few TZ250 ypvs units and also Rz500 YEC prototype units but I had never seen this one. It is an official F3 Kit part for the Tzr250 1KT - 2MA bike. Of course, it does feature it' s own unique racing exhaust valve timings, as to accompany the rest of the kit parts.  You can find the Tzr250 KIT manual, in the below link that is also an excellent resource for all Yamaha 2T street bikes :  

Two-Stroke Performance Tuning Book by A. Graham Bell

  Two-Stroke Performance Tuning Book by A. Graham Bell (Haynes Publishing, 1999)

Tuning Vespas by Norrie Kerr

  Tuning Vespas, The Norrie Kerr Way (Scooter and Scooterist, 1996).