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This blog is now 10 years old.

Time goes by like a two stroke motorcycle and this blog is now ten years old.  The first post on this blog was made on the 6th of July 2010. Have fun and keep the two strokes alive. 
Recent posts

YPVS Modification - Bonus Exhaust Curve for RZ350

The below ypvs exhaust curve was stock on John's(USA) '86 Rz350 bike. I'm not sure I've seen this curve in the past. The exhaust valves starts opening at 7.000rpm and are fully opened at 9.500rpm. A few photos of John's RZ bike. 

Honda Rs250 A-KIT PGM unit

Here's another one ultra rare PGM unit that belongs to Pomper(NL). This one is a reprogrammable PGM unit for the late Rs250 bike. Yes, you see correct, it's a PGM3 and not a PGM2. Even though the internal is quite similar to the usual PGMIII unit, the pinout is totally different.

YPVS Controller Modification - An extra exhaust curve for TZ250L.

I've been working on some YPVS controllers for Pete(GB), Gavin(GB) and LES(CA) and I just found out a new exhaust valve curve that I want to share. Pete owns a Tz250H converted to an L (electronic power valve). I have a few TZ250 (mostly reverse twins) exhaust valve curves on the blog but the below one is new to me.

Paul's Nsr250 Mc21

Many thanks to Paul(USA) for the photos of his Nsr250 and his kind words about the Battery Eliminator. I purchased your battery eliminator for my NSR250 and it works great. Bike starts easily every time. Thanks, Paul

This blog is now 9 years old.

Time goes by like a two stroke motorcycle and this blog is now nine years old.


Many thanks to Terry(UK) for using my sticker on his magnificent RZV500R bike.