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Technical Enquiries #0

I'm not the most knowledgeable person on two stroke engines, I don't consider myself to be even close. Though, I really love two stroke motorcycles and mess my hands with everything related to them, from porting to carb tuning and from electronic modifications to exhaust fabrications. I learnt a lot in the way and still keep chasing for any opportunities that will teach me new things. 

In the meanwhile, I'm honored by the trust of people around the world that ask for my opinion on many two stroke related subjects and as this for my alibi, I'm introducing a new series of posts with 2T technical enquiries. 

Feel free to contact me and open a conversation but let me post any interesting subjects that may be helpful to other people, too. Hopefully, it will end up to something like a general 2T FAQ that will add up to the rest of the articles in this blog. 

I expect the majority of the posts to be in English language but as I'm based in Greece, do not be surprised if the language of some posts sounds like Greek to you... lol. 

Have fun & keep the two strokes alive!