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The Spanish company Orpheo Sincronic Sociedad Anónima aka OSSA is coming back with a brand new 2 stroke enduro model to accompany the trial TR280i bike. 

Some of the revolutionary engineering concepts and/ or tricky specs : 

a) The crankcase in one piece with a cassette type transmission unit and a reed intake directly into the crankcase. Cylinder is reversed and the expansion chamber exits at the rear while the Ohlins suspension shock has been moved towards the right side of the bike to make space for the exhaust. 

The ignition is an EFI Kokusan battery-less system that also controls the electronic exhaust valve and the innovative dual injection system. One injector is located at the crankcase and one at the combustion chamber. Pre-mix only at 1:100 ratio. 

The perimeter frame of the Tr280i has been formed out of chrome molybdenum and cast aluminum parts and this might be incorporated on the enduro models as well. The usual suspects for the rest of the parts like a Marzocchy front end, Ohlins rear shock and Brembo calipers. 

Where should have been the ordinary fuel tank is now a casing that involves the air filter box while the fuel tank is below that. The electric starter is 
innovative as well, as it does not utilize gears and has a simple and minimal design that contributes to the lightness of the whole bike that will be below 100Kg. 

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