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Dirty cheap, quick throttle mod!

Nothing fancy here, just cut & super glue a zip tie on the throttle pulley. The zip tie effectively decrease the amount you need to turn the throttle to get to WOT, hence ...a quick action throttle response. Have fun!

I just love Lambretta DL200

My friend Bill teasing me again... drinking coffee at Ace in UK and posting me photos of a Lambretta DL200.  I'm in love with this particular model, I don't fucking know why... I just can't help it. I tried to find one in Greece but never managed to, when I shall have the correct amount of money, I'm going to grab one from Italy or UK. Damn...

Lapping engine parts.

This is a cheap & dirty but also a highly effective way of lapping engine parts.  Use a glass on a flat and rigid surface and set a silicon carbide sandpaper or fine grinding compound on top of that. The surface should be true and this is where the glass kicks in but a granite surface plate is a better choice.  Using slight downward pressure and 8-pattern movement, the parts accommodate a flat and smooth surface finish. A smear of WD40 does help the whole process when using sandpapers or fine emery clothes. 

Adjustable power jets ...coming soon.

Power jet is a must-have item on all two stroke engines, especially tuned ones... unfortunately my supplier stopped selling them, so I suppose the only route is to make my own. Currently gathering the parts to construct some externally adjustable ones, most probably, they will be ready in the forthcoming weeks. And a couple of them fitted on my Tzr250 1KT, on top of the Lectron carbs. 

Sounds sweet...

A highly tuned Modenas Dinamik by Vaggelis (GR), admin of a Hellenic moped forum.   First start up and allready sounds sweet... made my day. 

Crm250 MK3 Pgm unit

Just fixed a Mk3 (CI659) Pgm unit for Sotiri (GR). This time, I opened up a small window on the front side of the CDI, I think this option looks neater and I might adopt it to other repairs as well.

Tzr250 1KT, handmade preload spacers

I've fitted Wilbers progressive springs to my old trusty Tzr250 1KT bike in the past. The instructions asked for no preload spacers but this gave back a soft &  sluggish response  from the front suspension even with some washers added as a preload. So, I decided to make my own preload spacers as it is impossible to fit the stock ones with the new springs. I draw a couple paper templates of a rectangle that measures about 96mm x 30mm. Then stick the paper to 1mm mild steel sheet and cut with tin snips.  You should end up with something similar to the photo...  So, we now have a couple mild steel rectangles that we need to form as cylinders.  I used my handmade slip roll to form the steel templates but a rubber mallet and a suitable pipe used as a mandrel will do the job as well... you do not have to weld the cylinders, just trim them a bit so they are true and exactly the same dimensions to each other.  The actual construction will look like this... ready to fit in the front

Nsr250 PGM units

I've spent the last days fixing some Nsr250 PGM units for Nick(GR), Eddie(UK) ...and myself. Sadly, one of the lot still refuses to work properly and misfires at low revs... quite disappointing after more than thirty working hours on this particular unit. I blame the internal transformer of this PGM unit for the misfire and this is not a serviceable part.

blue smoking barrels rally

Well, it's quite far away for me but I do love hearing about well organized 2stroke events.  You can find more info at

Rd500 engine, 3MA frame and lots of work & fantasy

This the proper way of blending an RD500 engine to a Tzr250 3MA frame.  First impressions from the bike that Simon (UK) is building. Everything goes well 'till now and bike  runs fines, just fixing some imperfections here and there and probably fitting a new set of expansion chambers. Please enjoy!

Dead Stock RZ500

Just wanted to share a pic of an Rz500, owned by Kostas (GR). He should have quite interesting rides in the beautiful roads and villages of Crete... he also prepares a Nsr250 mc21 bike that I hope he finishes it soon.