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Aprilia Rs250 Engine

I reconditioned an Aprilia Rs250 engine for a friend so took some pics in the process. Lovely engines, some small issues on cylinder castings, the LH reed valve blocks the rear intake port, RH crank case needs some remachining blah blah blah and the usual stuff. Port heights and blowdown time are on steroids! Very nice intake and everything coupled with a good pair of adequate reed valves but I don't like the carbs though. Allen bolts in the crankcase area, very common practice on Suzuki engines. LH and central crankshaft bearings are 83464A-9TC3 (with dowel pin) and RH bearing is 83580-9C3 (dowel pin & groove). Some oil keeps the washers in place and ease piston installation. I didn't used the expanders below the lower piston rings. Duh... trying to find a second good pair of exhaust valves. I wouldn't describe the person that designed this exhaust valve as a minimalist. LOL Almost done.

Serres Circuit... No crank, No race

Lost the crank, lost the race.  Not the best weekend in my life... propelling 2T morale nonetheless. 

High Hopes

ENEOS TZ250 Parginos(GR) and Lefevr Jr(GR) in the pics.

The Art Of Rolling... as Experimental as it can get.

I have just finished the fabrication of a set of expansion chambers for my Nsr250 Mc28 bike.  They are an experimental set that is heavily based on HRC KIT-A dimensions. I will test them out on the next race, this weekend at Serres Circuit. This is the longest circuit here in Greece and I hope the new chambers will deliver the goods. 

Busy at the Racelab

...repairing and modifing YPVS controllers for Apostoli(GR), Craig(NZ) and Ian(UK).  Poor availability of some parts has kept me back for some repairs but I do my best to dig them out.  The modification - repair service is available through my online store and also listed on Ebay. For any info you may need, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Sakis at Louisiana

Sakis Vasilopoulos at 200GP class, 2nd and 3rd places over the weekend. Big thanks once again for the stickers & photos!

1st Regularity/ Classic race by FILPA

About 170 cars and 100 motorcycles took part in this event. It was the first time there was such an event in Greece and looks to be very promising, so to speak. Here are a few pics, mostly two stroke related.