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YPVS repair, Yamaha 34X IC chip transplant

Another one interesting repair job that got me scratching my head for a while. The below RD/RZ500 YPVS unit belongs to Mark(UK) and needed a repair job to be done. The IC chip was badly corroded and lots of the pins didn't made contact with the PCB due to the oxidation. This is not rare on Yamaha YPVS units but I'm not sure I have ever seen one at this state.  Any attempts to clean the pins and put new solder on them was at least discouraging as the pins cracked in half by only slightly touching them. There are some tricks that can been done as to trigger the circuit from different pins but this proved to be inappropriate in  this situation as well. After hopelessly looking at the YPVS unit for a while, I accepted my defeat and I informed Mark that there is nothing that I can do as to repair his unit.  A few minutes passed by and while randomly searching at my "junk" box, a possible solution caught my eye. I'm not sure why I always find solutions amon