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YPVS gremlins are not always Digital...

Small repair on the stopper of a YZ200 exhaust valve assy. It seems like an AC tig welder can be helpful sometimes...

Big Thanks to Retro & Classic Bike Magazine

Big thanks to Retro & Classic bike magazine and Jamie(AU) for their kind words about my work on Honda Nsr250 PGM repairs. Cheers! Lots of two stroke stuff in there, check it out at

Safety LockWire, How To

Some notes on safety lock wiring.  Twist the safety wire for a couple turns manually and preferably by using two pliers so that the twist is tight.   Use a safety wire plier and engage the locking mechanism to hold the wire in place.  Pull the lever of the lockwire plier so it twists the safety wire.  Cut he wire 3-5mm away from the knot and make a bend on it so that it will be easy to...  press it up and hide the sharp edge against the grip. Done!

2strokes, going for a walk... Vol.IV

Smoking the streets of Athens once again... Eleven two strokes blipping the throttle on each traffic light is a very rare view.