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Yamaha TZM80 Exhaust, Checkmate

This is how I feel...

Yamaha TZM80 Exhaust, Part 1

I'm currently building an expansion chamber for a friend. His TZM now features a YZ85 engine hence the need for a new expansion chamber that fits the bike.

Suzuki Rgv250, Australian Land Speed Record

Big thanks to Dave for sharing with me some pics of his Rgv250. I'm really honored for the TSRL sticker as well. Dave just broke the landspeed record at his class and I wish all the best to him. Many thanks! Hi mate, I bought some of your   Adjustable Power Jet Kits a while ago and fitted to my RGV. I recently broke the Australian Land Speed Record for my class using them. They worked fantastic for fine tuning the jetting.  As you can see in the pic i've sent I had one of your stickers on my fairing.   Thanx Dave

Another one expansion chamber

This is a Modenas Dinamik, it is based on a moped called "Leostar" by Kawasaki and it's a little bit more popular on the Asian market.

Just another header