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Power Valve setup for Suzuki Rgv250 VJ22 & Aprilia Rs250

Some pics on how to setup the exhaust valves of your vj22 engine. 1) Turn the ignition "on". 2) Turn the kill switch to "on". 3) Find the "grey" wire that is located near the battery and most probably it's under the fuse box. Uncover the brass fitment and touch it to the ground terminal (-) of the battery. You should immediately hear the servo mechanism moving. While you are still keeping the grey wire on the earth terminal... 4) Turn the kill switch to "OFF". 5) Now, it's time to setup the powervalves. You should align the mark on the servo pulley to the second mark (there are three marks in total) on the cylinder. Keep enough slack on both servo cables (about 2-3mm) and you're done! Cheers!

Things are getting slow...

I've been away for the last couple weeks as lots of electronic gremlins and a couple side projects keep holding me back.  After a lot of hard work and honesty with all the services that I provide, fruitful results have been achieved. I've met a lot of interesting people so far and that's what counts at the end of the day, helping and communicating with 2 stroke junkies around the world.  I've been working on a side project for the last year or so, a Ignition Simulator unit. This unit plugs on the pulse coils and allows to test ignition, check & setup power valves, check solenoids, speedo etc without running the engine. It seems like I finally getting close to the end product and I might be able to represent it here soon. 

Aprilia Rs250 project

I've been working on a friends bike for the last couple days. Lovely bikes...