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Gearhead: Gabriele Gnani

Private developed bikes and still a racer. Respect! Check the following 3 part documentary for some of his work. Very interesting info on two stroke barrel casting techniques.  Nevermind the Italian language. Double Scotch on the rocks and enjoy!  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

The Black Lips - Not a problem

Good team equals good results. Enjoy.

Crm250 Union Jack

Thanks to Antonis(GR) for sharing a few photos of his current project. He had some issues with a partially working PGM unit that is now repaired. I bet he is happy riding at the beautiful Karpathos island right now... Cheers!

Evan's '84 RZ350

Big thanks to Evans(US), for letting me share a photo of his Rz350 along with his animating description of a Tennessee road.  Hi Nick, Here is a picture of me on my 84 RZ350 (Kenny Roberts Edition) at Deal's Gap/ Tail of the Dragon. This road boasts 318 curves in 11 miles and is located in North Carolina/ Tennessee. I go each year and take both my RZ and '72 Kawasaki H2 Triple. If you use this picture on your website, please give credit to as he photographs on this stretch daily during good weather months. There's a large annual 2 stroke meet that happens each Spring at Deal's Gap with over 150 2 stroke street bikes. Hoping you can make it one year! The PV controller works great! I have not experimented past the 31K curve which I really like. I will eventually try some of the other programmable curves. Thank you again for your service. Evans

Crankcase Flowing

It helps a bit to have the crankcases of your two stroke engine reworked. Removing castings burrs and making some radius on sharp edges is the general consensus. Other than the above, it helps a lot to temporarily install the crankshaft and reed valve in place, as these parts will reveal some more work needed. It is not rocket science but needs a bit of experience with a few different crankcases so you can have a broader and more complete view of what needs to be done. Key words are "flow" and "direction" . These are the most important aspects when reworking a crankcase. Removing rough casting burrs will aid flow, reshaping the paths of flow will aid for better cylinder filling. While you are there, matching the mating surfaces among crankcase halves and barrels, is a good idea. Here are a couple pics of pre-post state of a Nsr250 Mc21/28 crankcase that I just finished working on. First photo is where the LH cylinder bolts on. I may have exaggerated a li

Battery Eliminators

Made a bunch of Battery Eliminators in red color, all are already gone but I'm going to make some more soon.  Battery Eliminator is essentially a low ESR computer grade capacitor that takes the place of a traditional battery. Highly recommended for track bikes and available through the online store. 

Red Bull Yamaha YZR500

V4 499cc engine, aluminum alloy frame, twin spar design fabricated from a combination of pressings and matched segments welded together.  Close firing order aka Big Bang, Keihin carbs, Ohlins suspension, over 180ps and a weight of about 130Kgr.  MotoGP rules specifically state that GP bikes should be light and powerful prototypes as to differentiate them from Superbikes?   

Electronic Gremlins

Quite busy for the last few days at the racelab, repairing and modifying cdi and ypvs control units for Bernd(TH), George (GR), Marcus(UK), Andrea (IT) and Keith (NZ). Thanks to all people for trusting my services.

Kawasaki GP250 X-09 racer


Expansion Chamber Porn

...nice titanium exhausts. Photo courtesy of .