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Chihuahua Project, Season 1, The Rolling chassis

Well, here is the first episode of the Honda Rs125 Nf4 project. Enjoy!  All parts were disassembled and thoroughly cleaned so I reckon it's about time to start the resurrection of this little bike.  This is a '89 model though previous owners have installed quite a few later nf4 parts and this counts for me as well when availability is short. After all it is a racer...! The chassis is a '89 NF4 RF model and swingarm is from a later '90 bike.   These are the forks the bike came with. They have a rebound adjuster so I think they might be out of a '92 and later model and this should count for the front gold master caliper as well.  Usual suspects... stubborn brake piston on the rear caliper, all parts were completely dismantled and now in perfect working order. I still have some issues with the front caliper though.  I hate the red paint theme on the caliper but I hate painting more, so I'll stick with it as it is for now... gladly I won't be able

Chihuahua Project, The Beginning Of...

It's about time to start working on my Honda Rs125 nf4 bike.  This is a bike that I bought about a year back, in not that great shape and with quite a few missing parts. I had made a list with the parts that are missing and/ or malfunctioning, that is now getting short. So, it's time to start dismantling the bike, put some new bearings in and inspect for any possible issues etc.  Some missing parts are already temporarily fitted in there like a new set of rearsets, a newer swingarm, a water pump and cover and some miscellaneous bits.  This is how it all begins...  Here we go again... stay tuned!

A couple Greek blogs worth looking at...

First one by Basilis(GR), an Rgv250 related blog. Quite a few race pics and info on the aforementioned bike. Check it out at Also, here is an emerging blog on homemade carbon fiber creations by Baggelis (GR). Frequently updated and with some nice info in there.  Check it out at

Quick & Dirty Battery Pack

Here is a rather simple construction that can get you out of trouble if your battery is flat while you are at the pits. You need a battery case box that can hold ten AA sized batteries and a suitable connector for your wiring loom. Batteries should be rechargeable but in case of emergency any type can be used.  The output will be about 14-16V DC depending on the batteries being used and will have a capacity of more than 2Ah at 12V DC.  Dimensions of the battery pack are 58x78x30mm and total weight including the cells is 280gr.  Great for :  * backup battery for total loss ignition systems * run devices on the pits, like ignition strobe timing light etc. * easier accessible and cheaper alternative for the stock Yamaha TZ250 battery pack

High density foam sheets

High density foam sheets like closed cell foam, neoprene, heat and soundproofing foams etc can serve a few uses on a motorcycle.  The clock panel on the Honda Rs125 Nf4 project was in bad shape and had a questionable paint job; hence off it goes to the bin. A new panel was fabricated out of some closed cell foam sheet, by using some scissors and a cardboard template.  Same goes for the damaged oem seat pad... Keep in mind that closed cell foam can be used as silentblock for some applications as well e.g fuel tank mounting.

Dragster Expansion Chamber, part #3

Finally finished the fabrication of the expansion chamber for the Yamaha Z125 dragster bike. I think my skills got a little bit rusty and I've made quite a few mistakes during the construction but I consider the result acceptable nonetheless.