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European Two Stroke Racing Cup

More and more people can't withstand the elimination of two stroke bikes on MotoGP and many TT races - cups are born around the world.  The European Two Stroke Racing Cup is a brand new effort that will take place in 2012, aiming on several races across Europe with only 125-250cc categories.  A promising pre-event already happened in Assen a few days back...  I wish the best on them and check their link for more info at Coming to a European track near you... stay tuned.

Gearhead: Prof. Gordon P. Blair 1937-2010

Prof. Gordon P. Blair is the author of the most challenging books regarding two strokes engines. He is the man behind the modern two stroke engine and the pioneer of software programs on engine development.  His books and SAE papers regarding flow & gas dynamics are outstanding though a little bit complicated for my messy maths. His work is very inspiring and toward developing new ideas rather than just giving answers on several topics.  Prof. Gordon P. Blair died on October 21st 2010 after battling cancer for several years though his inspiring work should stay apropos for many years to come.  Biography (taken from this link ): Gordon Purves Blair was born in Larne Co Antrim in 1937 and educated at Larne Grammar School. He then went to Queen's University in Belfast to study Mechanical Engineering, where he obtained a BSc degree in 1959, a PhD in 1962 and a DSc in 1978 - this latter award is a "higher doctorate" awarded in recognition of a substantial and sus

Power Jets on Lectron carbs

I fitted a pair of power jets on Lectron carbs and here are a few pics of the installation. The powerjet should be positioned on the top of the carb and as close as possible to the slide. Any position close to the top of the carb will do but do not exceed 90 degrees from top center. After you have determined a suitable spot, use a center punch and then drill a 4mm hole. Then use a M5x08mm tap and form a screw thread. And that's all about it. Screw the power jet with a smear of Loctite thread glue and you are done. If your carb does not have a provision for a power jet at all, you may have to repeat the steps for a second M5 thread on the carb bowl as well. Many people don't really bother making a thread and only make the hole and permanently fit the power jet with epoxy glue. I have gone this route several times in the past and never had an issue, so keep that in mind as well. The end result should look similar to this... These carbs have a bore diameter of 38mm and

At the pits.

From  Dawn... ...till Dusk.

2stroke Greek Community Forums

EDIT : Ένα νέο φόρουμ έχει προστεθεί στον Ελληνικό χώρο και έχει ήδη ταράξει τα νερά με την ενεργητικότητα και το πλήθος των άρθρων, πληροφοριών κλπ Επισκεφθείτε το   και να είστε σίγουροι ότι δύσκολα θα ξεκολλήσετε. Παραθέτω παρακάτω δύο Ελληνικά forum που φτιάχτηκαν με σκοπό την αλληλοβοήθεια, τη γνωριμία και την ένωση των φίλων της δίχρονης μοτοσικλέτας.  1)  www.2strokers. com   Το είναι κατά τη γνώση μου το πρώτο forum που φτιάχτηκε καθαρά για δίχρονες μοτοσικλέτες. Αν θυμάμαι καλά, η δημιουργία του ξεκίνησε το Μάρτη του 2005 και ο δημιουργός του είναι ο Βαγγέλης aka Keleytis. Από τότε είχε κάποια σκαμπανεβάσματα αλλά είναι και πάλι στο προσκήνιο.  2)  2strokelizards.3forum. biz Το 2strokelizards έχει κλείσει πάνω απο ένα χρόνο ζωής και αφορμή της δημιουργίας του ήταν προβλήματα στη λειτουργία του Πάραυτα, ο Νίκος aka Nikosfireblade και ο Θοδωρής aka Ted κατάφεραν γρήγορα να φτιάξουν μια μεγάλη παρέα, δεν

Power Jet Kits

Being busy fabricating quite a few power jet kits lately, as there is a lot of interest from many two stroke junkies around the world. Thanks everyone for trusting my products-services and please remember that I always welcome pics with the final product assembled.  

4th Race at Megara Circuit

4ος αγώνα Πρωταθλήματος Ταχύτητας στα Μέγαρα. Στη δίχρονη κατηγορία Racing 125-250cc προβλέπονται αρκετές συμμετοχές και θέαμα. Πληροφορίες συμμετοχής  ...εδώ.