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FCC Dry Clutch

I've just acquired a FCC dry clutch conversion for my NF4 bike. There are a few missing and damaged parts but I hope I'll find a way out. Looks sweet...  And here is a list of the missing or damaged parts. Anyone that can help, I'm all ears!

Busy Tuesday...

Packaging expansion chambers for Stephen(CA) and repairing some PGM units for Nick(GR). Still need to clean up a Cagiva Mito cylinder for Beez(GR) but I can't find the bottle with the muriatic acid. However, as a philosopher professor once said ...there's always room for a couple beers! 

Meanwhile in the Lab

Rs125 NF4 Exhaust

First one ready, 6 more to go... one more for Robert(AU).

This blog is now 3 years old.

Honda Rs125 NF4 exhaust flanges

I've made some improvements on the exhaust flanges for the NF4 expansion chambers. New units will incorporate the mounting points for the exhaust springs. They look lovely, can't wait to try them out.