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Honda RS125 NF4 Expansion Chamber, for Sale.

Handmade exhausts for Honda RS125 NF4 (1990 - 1994) models, are now available via my  online store. This pipe will fit 1987 - 1989 models ONLY if a 1990-1994 cylinder is used as the exhaust flange is different on earlier models.  Later 1995-1997 cylinders can be used as well and will work great with this pipe.  The package includes :  an expansion chamber a suitable exhaust flange 2 X exhaust springs (same dimensions as OEM) An end can is not included but the stock one can be used or even better a later NX4 type as the rear mounting point for the end can is not used.  For more pictures of the expansion chamber, check out the below link.  Handmade Exhausts Price is 220 Euro (worldwide posting costs included).  Prior buying the pipe, please contact  for estimated delivery time. 

Nsr250 MC21, Aluminum Blank Plugs for the Carb Manifolds, for sale.

A pair of aluminum blank plugs for removing the boost bottles on Honda Nsr250 Mc21 bikes is now available via my  online store. These plugs will improve throttle response, clear the area near the engine & help for easier carb removal. (Most probably will suit MC18 MK2 carb manifolds as well though I haven't verified this yet).