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Chihuahua Project, Season 2, Episode 02

Temps are pretty high here in Greece and some missing parts are keeping me back... though I've managed to spent a couple hours on the nf4 project.I hope pics might be of some help to any people out there enjoying similar projects! Here are the NF4 transmission ratios:  First number for main shaft, second number for countershaft.  1st Gear  17/31 2nd Gear 22/33 3rd Gear 24/31  4th Gear 26/30  5th Gear 27/29  6th Gear 24/24  Well, there is always time for beer. Water pump ready. These parts were totally missing.  Some good plates in.  Electrics test fine while on the bench. I hope this counts under load as well. Only time will tell. Cylinder is newly replated though need some chamfering prior installation. The engine came with a  HRC piston that sadly is out of spec but I will keep it for the first start up. I will have to order a new piston soon. 

Chihuahua Project, Season 2, The Engine

It's been a while since I've last rebuilt a single cylinder engine and I've forgotten how dead simple and fun it is. The nf4 engine that I have, doesn't seem to be in a very bad shape, so everything should be quick and easy.  I think I should replace the carburetor and intake manifold with the proper nf4 parts. So far so good though primary gear bolt and washer are missing; some clutch parts are missing as well. No big deal... Have I ever mentioned that I hate Yamabond? What a mess...       Anyway, all newer pics will now be in reverse order I reckon...  Crankcase is now clean and ready to be reassembled.

Chihuahua Project, Season 1, Episode 02

Mostly working at night, humming along, with a glass of wine. Trying the best I can to slow up and enjoy the process, as the rolling chassis of the NF4 project is coming to an end.  Not a lot of much interest, mostly bolting parts together, installing R-clips and safety wire. Still some pics look interesting nonetheless.  Some new fairing mounts were made out of 16mm aluminum tube, mostly to use them as an alibi that I did something more other than just bolting parts. I couldn't justify this post otherwise. LOL  The handmade rearsets were made by Pete from Banks Racing. Check out his work and products at

This blog is now 2 years old.

Time passes by as a two stroke bike  and this blog is now two years old.  Many thanks to all the two stroke junkies around the world that keep visiting this blog. More than 30.000 visitors and 107.000 page views until now and keep going...  Please, keep in mind that I'm always open to new ideas, comments and opinions on blog structure, suggestions on new articles etc. Your participation is more than welcome and whatever you have to put on the table, I'm all ears.  Keep the two strokes alive.  Nick