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23rd of October at the pits

 I hate electronic gremlins! Andreas hasn't messed with this one so it should work fine, right? LOL Start it up, mate. Let's show them how they are supposed to go!   Spiros(GR) just starting his racing career. Not!

From the grave to the tarmac

Had many nice moments with my Tzr250, countless kilometers, lots of fun -and disappointments as well-. End of story now and time for a new bike to take it's place. And the last pics... 

Seel Racetec

I was working on a Tz250 5KE kit wiring loom for the past few days, trying to help a friend with some electronic gremlins on a full kitted SEEL bike. Never heard of Seel company in the past, so started searching around and fortunately Ian Emberton from  Ian E Racing  was kind enough to provide me with contact details and spoke with the best words about their services. I soon found out that Seel is a very respectable German company which makes racing special parts and have contributed a lot on 2stroke developments. Founder of the company is Horst Seel. Horst was building most of the parts for his racing machines and competed anytime financial situations permitted. Jorg Seel, followed the footsteps of his father, became a racer and an expert on two stroke bikes. Seel Racetec had many collaborations throughout the years with Ivetra, UGT-3000 and Abbink Bos Racing.     And some of the stuff they do...  Even though Seel Racetec is dedicated on Honda Rs125 bikes, they had p

Greek Forgotten racing Era, #2

Sakis Basilopoulos aka "Sakis, The Greek Guy". Just found and wanted to share this interesting commentary from  (in greek language).

Powerjet on a Mikuni

Mikael(SE) fitted a power jet kit on his Mikuni TMX 35mm carb and shared this beautiful photo with me.

Some progress on the NF4

Spent a few hours assembling all the available parts on the nf4 and it now looks more like a proper racer rather than a messy rolling chassis. Temporarily fitted the engine as the axles and collars behind the silent blocks are missing. Also some major missing parts : RH rearset & brake lever shift fork along with the shift rod, both ends and gear arm clutch rod water pump axle, impeller, gear, housing and corresponding bearing and seals Tacho is missing, temp sensor does not work, CDI looks to be in good working order. I intentionally oriented the throttle cable wrong as it seems like the stock carb manifold was junked and half of a MC18 manifold took it's place... never really understood why most people think inside the box. If it fits it doesn't mean it will work... obviously carb does not fit as well as there is not enough clearance with the swing arm. Clutch cable is wrong, most probably from a Cr125 bike as it's half meter longer than it should... This

Honda Rs125 NF4

Just received this lovely little HRC machine. Some engine and frame parts are missing but I believe it will eventually get back on tarmac. It is an Rs125 NF4 1989 model and already added in the bucket list of to-do things... currently searching for a manual and part list so any info are welcome.