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Here is another bizarre Pgm unit. It is a factory kit PGM3 unit of Leon Haslam's Nsr500 V2 2001 bike.  It features a 7-pin socket on the top side of the unit for ignition advance reprogramming.  Still missing the rest of the parts to complete the Nsr500 bike though... LOL A piece of HRC history nonetheless!  Leon Haslam’s Shell Advance Honda NSR500V, 2001 FIM 500cc World Championship

F3 PGMII unit

I thought about making a couple posts with some "exotic" PGM units.   This one is a PgmII unit for Nsr250 F3 MC21 bikes. Even though it was available in the past, F3 parts are now obsolete.  The Nsr250 mc21 originally used a PgmIII unit and there were a few HRC Pgm3 units for the SP Production racing as well but HRC choose a simpler yet effective Pgm2 for the F3 category.  All SP racing parts have the code NKD while FIII racing parts have the code NH3.  I've used this PGMII unit on my Nsr250 racing bike with a modified MC18 wiring loom. 

Yamaha TZM80

I'm trying to help a friend fit a Yz85 engine on a Tzm80 frame. There are some issues with the engine mountings that we will have to solve. Stock Tzm engine mountings And later Yz85 engine...

CNC Plasma

A couple exhaust flanges for Honda Rs125 nf4 expansion chambers. Even though plasma cutting is cheap the result can still be considered as "acceptable"... 

50.000 visitors & keep going...

It's been less that 3 years since this blog started and I just wanted to post some statistics. More than 50.000 visitors around the world, about 153.800 page views and an average of 70 visits per day. For a start, here is a pic from the Revolver Maps. And now, let's see some pics from the very beginning... Was it helpful and inspirational? Well, I hope it was!

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