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Adjustable power jets for Tdr250.

I have just fitted adjustable power jets on OEM carbs of Bill's(GR) Tdr250 bike. It is a tight fit on Mikuni 28mm carbs but doable. Power jet is really necessary for a two stroke engine as you can fine tune the mid rpms at a far more exact range thus improving throttle response and when at top rpms, the power jet kicks in to supply the extra fuel needed by the engine. Having two metering systems to supply the fuel at top rpms means better fuel atomization as well. Forget about "bogging" and "4-stroking" while using huge main jets at slow speed cruising. Fuel consumption is going to change as well, as you'll be running about 20% smaller main jets. This type of power jet is externally adjustable, meaning that you do not have to strip the carb to adjust for different fuel requirements. Turning the knob clockwise-anticlockwise will lean or richen the mixture respectively. Each 1/4 of a turn equals one step in the size of a regular main jet with all the incre

Racing is fun...

Honda Nsr250 & Crm250 PGM repair service

A repair - service for malfunctioning PGM units is now available through ebay. Here is the

Another one Rd500 YPVS controller

Another one modified YPVS controller, this time for Fred(AU).  1) Stock setting is 1-3-6-8-10-12 (6.150rpm-7.950rpm) 2) A suggested setting for stock and/ or mild tuned bikes is 1-2-5-6-8-12 (6.600rpm-7.800rpm). This particular setting will pump up some more midrange and make the power curve more aggressive on top rpms as well.  3) A Stan Stephens Rd500 tuned engine used to run well with 2-5-7-10-12 (6.900rpm-9.300rpm) Numbers indicate which dip switch should be turned "on" & don't forget that extreme settings might require jetting the carbs.  YPVS modification is available through ebay and here is the Have fun, keep the 2strokes alive. 

Racing Workshop

Μερικές photos από δύο αγωνιστικές δίχρονες μοτοσικλέτες, τις οποίες διατηρεί ο μηχανικός Στέλιος Καλόγηρος και τρέχουν σταθερά -και με διακρίσεις- στο πρωτάθλημα ταχύτητας.  Το Rs250 '91 του Ιάσωνα, γνωστός και ως ο "Εραστής", δεν θέλω να μάθω πως βγήκε το παρατσούκλι... :) Και το Rs250 του Κίτσου σε χαλαρές στιγμές ανάπαυσης...

Nsr250 mc28

Johnny's(UK) nsr250 bike with stock bodywork except a Tyga tail section. Very nice fit...

Suzuki RG500 for sale

Rigas500, a well known member and contributor of the Rg community, is now selling his personal Rg500.  Clean bike and a pristine example of a well preserved bike.  Price is at 5.000 euros and you can contact him directly at . Enjoy the photos... 

PVM Magnesium wheels

Lovely old-school design and great specs.  It seems like they will straight fit a Nsr250 mc28 bike.  Specs : Front rim, 3.5x17, 2.5Kgr Rear rim, 5X17, 3Kgr

Coffee at "Pit Stop", Sunday 01/05

Drinking our coffee, watching MotoGP ...and talking about twostrokes.  Rs250 '96 Modenas Dinamik, Tzr250 1KT  Rs250 '98, Rz500 ...and the beast by iself, the almighty Suzuki Rg125.  'till next time. 

How to remove gasket material from mating surfaces

A neat trick is to start by lightly tapping the gasket with a rubber mallet or a hammer. The gasket material will expand and come off the surface quite easily.  In the case of stubborn gaskets, silicon compounds etc. the use of a razor blade and/ or an X-Acto knife is essential for removing gasket material from mating surfaces of engine parts.    Hold the razor blade at a 45-degree angle and begin to scrape the old gasket off.  Wipe the surfaces with acetone and you're done!