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For sale, Nsr250 MC28 track/ racing bike

I decided to sell my mc28, a lot of info about the bike can be found in this blog, just hit the Nsr250 tab.  Bike specs :   Nsr250 Mc28 R2R model, in good working order and ready to race. I'm using the bike daily and I have attended 3 races this year. The crank failed on September and it now has another one in with new bearings and seals. I only made the last race with this crank. Both cylinders are newly replated and in excellent condition. Bike runs on PgmII electrics. Some special parts on the bike: PVM magnesium wheels (3.5 & 5in), originally oriented for rs250 Nx5 Gecko ramair rs250 Nx5 Pj38 carbs and Nf5 carb manifolds vforce reed valves rs250 Nf5 radiator tyga subframe Rs250 Nx5 OHLINS rear shock  Handmade exhausts (from HRC schematics) Engine is tuned for Rm125 pistons (only the cylinder heads are machined and are both rear ones), it can be converted back to stock with new cylinder heads or doubled base gaskets.  Extras:  stock mc28 w

Suzuki Rm125 pistons on Nsr250 engine

Suzuki RM125 pistons are a nice and cheap alternative for the stock Nsr250 pistons though some mods needs to be done. They are single ring pistons that are way lighter than stock but also not so trustworthy, so to speak. Perfect for racing/track use nonetheless.  Keep in mind that Rm125 pistons have about 0.6mm lower crown height than stock pistons. Also, check for any differences in piston dome height as there are a lot of different manufacturers for RM pistons out there.  Parts needed are :  1) Suzuki Rm125 '90-'99 pistons (obviously, I reckon). 2) Rm125 little end bearings, 15x19x19.5 (I think all years 'till now are the same but please first check). 3) You need to solve the difference between the stock and Rm piston crown height (if you do care about your compression ratio that is). There are three different options to follow:  a) Milling the cylinder base will get compression back to stock and will not alter port timings.  b) Milling the top of the c - Hellenic 2T Community

Μια νέα διαδικτυακή κοινότητα γύρω απο το δίχρονο κινητήρα και τους λάτρεις του είδους μόλις δημιουργήθηκε. Επισκεφθείτε το  και ελάτε να φτιάξουμε μια μεγάλη και ισχυρή παρέα.  Το forum είναι ενεργό και μπορείτε να πάρετε μια ιδέα για το που βασίζεται καθώς και για το τι πρόκειτε να ακολουθήσει. Για λάτρεις απο dragster μέχρι κάρτ και απο mini bikes μέχρι street, υπάρχει πλέον ενα νέο δίχρονο στέκι! Καλή μας πορεία!

One More Time Racing... Again!

Sakis Vasilopoulos raced my Honda Rs125 NF4 on the last race at Megara closed circuit. It was a great honor for me as Sakis accepted my offer and traveled from his permanent home in USA to Greece ...for one more time racing! Last time Sakis raced in Greece was in 1989 and since then he is attending multiple champions in the USA on classics categories.  Sadly, the bike didn't finish the race as there was a piston ring failure but I beleive we both enjoyed the process and I have left the circuit with many memories and many advices to follow thanks to Sakis. Sakis Vasilopoulos and Grigoris Chronopoulos, two old friends meeting once again at the starting line. Cherry on the pie, Sakis awarded all first racers with medals and I was lucky enough to be among them!  Once again, big thanks to for the pics! Cheers!!!