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Honda TSR250

This is THE racing machine.  I may not be able to buy one though I can still get a set of ferings for my Nsr250... lol.

Rs125 NF4 & F.C.C dry clutch conversion

Old school NF4 in FCC colors and a dry clutch conversion. More info about this bike on the North American Two Strokes forum, at this

Is this the beginning of a new project?

My messy mc28 bike, it still is in the condition I bought it a couple years back and to be honest it haven't seen better days on my hands. Maybe it's time to take a look at it and make a plan...

PGMIII derestriction for Nsr250 mc21 bikes

All the repairs I undertake for PGM III units, are now eligible for a derestriction modification, free of charge. The derestriction will take part inside the PGM unit and will be almost undetectable ...for all skeptical purists out there, you do not have to cut your wiring loom as well!   Unleash the full potential of your Nsr250 bike and forget about HRC, M-Max, POSH, KISS and any other kind of derestrictor boxes... just plug and go!  The repair along with the derestriction are now available through ebay at the following

Early YPVS controller for Rd350

Just converted one of the YPVS controllers that Yamaha has fitted on the early RZ/ RD 350 bikes. Contrary to newer models, the pcb on these units is reversed, so the dip switches are placed on the back side of the controller. Fortunately, Darren (UK) has repositioned the controller and so, there will be no clearance issues while fitting the unit. For the stock setting, the switches 1-2-3-7-11 should be switched "on". This setting starts moving the exhaust valves at 5.550rpm and the cycle stops at 9.450rpm. Newer Rd350 models have a setting of 2-3-5-11. This setting seems smoother, opening the valves at 6.000rpm and they are not fully closed until 10.200rpm. It sounds like my favorite setting for the Tzr250 1KT will suit the early Rd350 bikes as well. The suggested setting is 1-2-3-6-7-10-12. This setting while used on the early RD models will pump up some more midrange and still retain an aggressive and quick opening at 9.000rpm... just to retain the old school two stro

Tz250: The Reverse Cylinder models

This is the bike that really draw some attention to Yamaha racing models. 1988 - TZ250U (3AK) 1989 - TZ250W (3LC) 1990 - TZ250A (3TC) The production of the reverse cylinder Tz250 started on 1988 and lasted until 1990.  This is the year that Yamaha stopped producing the YZR250 and the teams joined to make a new design based on a V2 engine.

Battery Eliminators... are back!

Developed, constructed and used successfully for many years on most 2T bikes by a two stroke junkie. This device eliminates the need of a battery on magneto type ignitions.  Less weight, less mass, environmental friendly, no danger of acid spills/ corrosion,  maintenance  free.  It will straight fit any Tzr250, Tdr250, Rgv250, Nsr250, Rd350, Rd500 bikes and also most single cylinder bikes.  Though, it will not work on racing machines that are running a total loss ignition system.  I've been using them for over 5 years now with great success. Can't even remember when I last bought a battery... Battery eliminators are now available through ebay.  Have fun, keep the two strokes alive. 

Crm250 AR PGM repair-service

After quite a few working hours of gathering informations and drawing schematics, I'm now able to offer a repair-service to PGM units of Crm250 AR bikes. The repair is available through ebay and here is the   Thanks to all friends that trusted my skills, I couldn't even try without them.  Cheers! 

3ος αγώνας Πρωταθλήματος Ταχύτητας στο Τυμπάκι...

Ο Γιώργος Κίτσος έδωσε πολλές υποσχέσεις απο τις αρχές των χρονομετρημένων αλλά δυστυχώς είχε πτώση στην αρχή του αγώνα και ενα μικρό τραυματισμό. Ο Ντίνος Λεφέβρ κουράστηκε και αποχώρησε λίγο πριν τα μέσα του αγώνα αλλά με καλύτερο χρόνο το 01' 04.381 με σχεδόν μαμά Aprillia Rs250 είναι τουλάχιστον άξιος αναφοράς. Ο Κρητικός που έτρεξε με δανεικό Tz250 απο τον Αντρέα Λεφέβρ είχε πρόβλημα στον αγώνα καθώς έσπασε η πίσω βάση δαγκάνας και αποχώρησε με ελαφρά πηδηματάκια...  Δυστυχώς, εγώ δεν κατάφερα καν να τρέξω στον αγώνα, στο πρώτο γύρο των ελεύθερων δοκιμών το Σαββάτο έσπασαν βολάν-πηνία και ξεκίνησε ενας γολγοθάς να βρω έτερα. Ο Στέλιος Καλόγηρος έκανε πάλι το θαύμα του και βρέθηκαν δανεικά από ντόπιο αλλά κατάφερα να μπώ μόλις στα δεύτερα χρονομετρημένα, αρκετά κουρασμένος και με το μηχανάκι τελείως αρρύθμιστο. Αποτέλεσμα, ένα "φτωχό" και χωρίς δύναμη μοτέρ με τη θερμοκρασία να ξεπερνά τους 100 βαθμούς κελσίου από το πρώτο κιόλας άνοιγμα και εγώ να έχω το νού μου στο

Little Inn... pit stop.

Τυμπάκι Circuit

Κατεβαίνω Τυμπάκι για τον αγώνα. Όσοι Κρητικοί, περάστε να πείτε μια καλησπέρα... αριθμός συμμετοχής "7". Καλό τερματισμό να έχουμε.