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How I converted a wet clutch basket for use with a FCC Dry Clutch (Part 2)

Here are some photos while dismantling the wet clutch basket. The rivets were drilled as to remove the retainer plate. The rubber cushions seem to be in very good condition, they will become handy later... Here is the wet clutch basket after removing the cushions and the primary gear. Now back to the dry clutch basket. The retainer plate was removed and a real mess was revealed. The cushions were highly damaged and this must have helped for causing the cracks on the basket. Here you can better see one of the cranks on the basket. It goes deep and very close to the mounting points for the rubber cushions and the rivets. The two clutch baskets, side by side. The modification looks pretty straightforward and to use the wet basket on a dry clutch, only a simple lathe boring operation is needed. To be continued...

Mugen PGM for Honda Crm250 AR

Just a photo of a very rare Mugen PGM unit that belongs to Richard(UK). It had some Rc Valve issues but it is now repaired and posted back.

Some pipes by Martin aka martin77

Greetings to all. I haven't been blogging a lot lately due to a lot of work and loss of ideas... so, it's a nice opportunity to present some work from fellow Martin.  Martin is based in Devon, UK and I believe he is contributing and helping on 2T forums for more than a decade. I used to read all of his helpful info on tuning Tzr-Tdr250 bikes and I've learned a lot from him.  He is well known for his tuning work on many Yamaha bikes but I believe the most commendable point are his hydroformed ex pansion chambers for TZR and RD bikes ., You can find Martin at "mjseventyseven AT" and of course via the tdr250 forum . Some of his work... Tdr250 Pipes   Tzr250 1KT - 2MA Pipes   RD350LC/YPVS pipes (available to give either 9500rpm or 10,200rpm peak power).

How I converted a wet clutch basket for use with a FCC Dry Clutch (Part 1)

One of the issues I had with the FCC dry clutch conversion for my Honda Rs125 bike, was the clutch basket that had several cranks on the perimeter. While still having some wet clutch parts for my NF4 bike, I started thinking on the possibility of using the wet clutch basket instead of the dry one. Front side of both baskets...  Back side. To evaluate the possibility of using the wet basket on the FCC conversion, I had to strip them down completely and take more measurements and plan the lathe and/ or milling operations needed. Let's start with the wet basket by removing the inner collar. To be continued...