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Aprilia Rs250

Spent a day on servicing an Aprilia Rs250 for Hari(GR). Quite a nice bike and very well designed. 
I really like the bigger workspace in the engine over a Suzuki Rgv250. Handling is very promising for a dead stock bike though power delivery is quite linear for my taste. 

Carbs are way rich for stock bikes at 270 (powerjet +55) for LH cylinder & 280 (powerjet +35) for RH cylinder. Ignition curve is a little bit retarded as well, it seems like even stock bikes would benefit from a couple degrees ignition advance. The expansion chamber dimensions would be fine with a few modifications & smaller lengths here and there plus lighter end cans. Speaking of weight, I also don't like the steel subframe on first models but I believe this can be changed easily.
Overall, it still is one of the best 250cc street bikes out there. I think I must put it in my wishlist of 2stroke project bikes...