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Another one Rd500 YPVS controller

Another one modified YPVS controller, this time for Fred(AU). 

1) Stock setting is 1-3-6-8-10-12 (6.150rpm-7.950rpm)
2) A suggested setting for stock and/ or mild tuned bikes is 1-2-5-6-8-12 (6.600rpm-7.800rpm). This particular setting will pump up some more midrange and make the power curve more aggressive on top rpms as well. 
3) A Stan Stephens Rd500 tuned engine used to run well with 2-5-7-10-12 (6.900rpm-9.300rpm)

Numbers indicate which dip switch should be turned "on" & don't forget that extreme settings might require jetting the carbs. 

YPVS modification is available through ebay and here is the
Have fun, keep the 2strokes alive.