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PGMIII Worst Case Scenario... we've got a new winner!

Due to lack of components and a couple PgmIII units with major problems, things were slow in the past few days.

Had to open the aluminum side on two units. This is rarely needed if people don't insist riding their Nsr250 bike while the Pgm unit is on fire...!
One of them is in the below photo, doesn't really look very bad at a first glance but the pcb was totally destroyed. It was seared enough to let components fall on the ground at the slightest move.
So, I had to replace most of the parts with new ones and solder them point-to-point on both sides. I'm glad my skills on handmade guitar tube amps had fallen into place with digital electronics!
The result looks quite amateur but there was no other way. Note the "ghetto" RC Valve tester... LOL
This is by far the worst PGM I've repaired until now and to be honest I'm not sure I will go that route again, as it involves quite a few working hours and I think I'm slowly losing stubbornness.

Anyways, the end result filled with hot glue to keep the components steady
...and they are now ready to post back.
Sorry guys for the delay.
P.S Beez, thanks for the stickers!