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Crm250 AR PGM unit

I think everything is starting to fall into place with AR PGM units and it seems like the repair of faulty units gets easier with time. 
Thanks to the valuable help from Shaun(UK) aka Active Rascal from the Crm250 forum on wiring colors and corresponding pins on PGM plugs, testing the unit after the repair is now super easy and leaves no doubts. Sadly, prior this info I had my first failure on a AR unit about a month back though I'm waiting it to be sent back and hopefully repair for sure this time... 

The below unit belongs to Derek(UK), repaired and already posted.  

Thanks to all 2strokers that trust my services. 


  1. Hello from Australia, where can I find your store or eBay to send you a PGM from a 99 AR model?
    Thank you

  2. Right top corner on your screen mate.


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