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Universal Power Jet KIT

Externally adjustable powerjet kits are now available for sale through the online store and ebay. 

A great addon for all two stroke carburetors running either on gas or alcohol fuels.
The kit consists of :
one externally adjustable powerjet,
two brass barbs (one for the power jet and another one for the carb bowl)
and a top quality purple silicon hose.

To fit the kit, you are going to need a 4mm drill and a M5x0.8mm tap. 

Instructions are not included (at least not for now) but I can help with any questions you may have and supply a couple photos. I have fitted them on many carbs over the past years but I only have photos with the final product and not the installation procedure, I will try to make some instructions asap.

Power jet is really necessary for a two stroke engine as you can fine tune the mid rpms at a far more exact range thus improving throttle response and when at top rpms, the power jet kicks in to supply the extra fuel needed by the engine. Having two metering systems to supply the fuel at top rpms means better fuel atomization as well. Forget about "bogging" and "4-stroking" while using huge main jets at slow speed cruising. Fuel consumption is going to change as well, as you'll most probably end up running about 20% smaller main jets.

This type of power jet is externally adjustable, meaning that you do not have to strip the carb to adjust for different fuel requirements. Turning the knob clockwise-anticlockwise will lean or richen the mixture respectively. Each 1/4 of a turn equals one step in the size of a regular main jet with all the increments in between.

"Highly recommended for all track/ racing bikes!"

All powerjets are built in house by a two stroke junkie.


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