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Power Jets on Lectron carbs

I fitted a pair of power jets on Lectron carbs and here are a few pics of the installation.

The powerjet should be positioned on the top of the carb and as close as possible to the slide. Any position close to the top of the carb will do but do not exceed 90 degrees from top center.
After you have determined a suitable spot, use a center punch and then drill a 4mm hole.
Then use a M5x08mm tap and form a screw thread.
And that's all about it. Screw the power jet with a smear of Loctite thread glue and you are done.
If your carb does not have a provision for a power jet at all, you may have to repeat the steps for a second M5 thread on the carb bowl as well.
Many people don't really bother making a thread and only make the hole and permanently fit the power jet with epoxy glue. I have gone this route several times in the past and never had an issue, so keep that in mind as well.

The end result should look similar to this...

These carbs have a bore diameter of 38mm and Sotiris(GR) is going to use them on a Suzuki Rgv250 bike.
Have fun.


  1. That ,, is amazing ,will it work on TM 32mm flat slides ,,and will it run the risk of running rich ? cheers

  2. They will certainly fit but sadly I do not fabricate them anymore due to lack of some parts.

    In case of powerjets, the main jet should be lowered to accommodate for the richer mixture.



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