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Seel Racetec

I was working on a Tz250 5KE kit wiring loom for the past few days, trying to help a friend with some electronic gremlins on a full kitted SEEL bike.
Never heard of Seel company in the past, so started searching around and fortunately Ian Emberton from Ian E Racing was kind enough to provide me with contact details and spoke with the best words about their services.

I soon found out that Seel is a very respectable German company which makes racing special parts and have contributed a lot on 2stroke developments.

Founder of the company is Horst Seel. Horst was building most of the parts for his racing machines and competed anytime financial situations permitted.
Jorg Seel, followed the footsteps of his father, became a racer and an expert on two stroke bikes.

Seel Racetec had many collaborations throughout the years with Ivetra, UGT-3000 and Abbink Bos Racing.


And some of the stuff they do... 

Even though Seel Racetec is dedicated on Honda Rs125 bikes, they had prepared a Tz250 5KE back in 2005 for the KURZ GP team, that now belongs to Andreas(GR). 
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