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Tz250 5KE Kit cylinder port timings

Quick layout out of a Tz250 5KE kit cylinder ('01 model).

Layout is for general view purposes only, 
actual dimensions do not include port chamfering, cylinder radius etc., so they are quite accurate. 
Main and auxiliary transfer ports are staggered as per the layout. 
Height of the auxiliary exhaust ports is 10mm and width is 13.5mm.
Main & auxiliary transfer ports have a width of 22mm & 21.2mm respectively.
Boost port has a height of 13.4mm and a width of 16.7mm.
Exhaust diameter at the flange is oval shaped at 37x39mm and distance from the piston is 53mm.
Total height of the cylinder is 79mm, front and rear stud hole centres at about 96mm.