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Blitzkrieg Tools

...or how to remove the Nsr250 mc28 swingarm axle in a couple minutes without having the proper tools.
I used a -not anymore- 32mm socket for the castle nut and a BR9ECM spark plug with a lock nut for the pivot bolt. To construct such precision and special tools, you will have to make use of some other delicate tools such as an angle grinder and a file. Believe or not, no CNC machines were involved during all the steps of this construction... LOL


  1. The spark plug must necessarily be Resistor??

  2. Yep, the one used is a resistor type. Dunno if it helped though.
    Have fun and thanks for passing by...

  3. I have a Denso Iridium, will it work?

  4. Im very glad to know mr TSRL
    he is one of the reasons to make me buy a 2stroke very glad that he has the mood to share knowledge around and make our life easier about 2 strokes!!!


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