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NX5 Ohlins rear shock on a Nsr250

Spyros aka Bismarck came for a coffee today, bringing along a couple aluminum spacers for the mc28 project. We fitted the Ohlins Rs250 rear shock and it seems like I finally have a rolling chassis. 

Both ends of the Ohlins rear shock should be modified to suit the mc28 frame-proarm. Upper fitting needs to be machined as length is too large to fit the nsr frame and mounting hole should be enlarged. For the lower fitting, we used an eyelet type, kindly donated by KRT aka Kalogiros Racing Team and a couple spacers to suit the nsr shock linkage. 

Even then, there are a few minor issues as the upper part of the Ohlins rear shock has contact with the aluminum spacer of the subframe bolt and the LH rearset will not clear the proarm due to the added length of the Ohlins shock. Also, rear brake hose needs to be relocated. Most of the issues already corrected... a rolling chassis at last! 


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