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Evan's '84 RZ350

Big thanks to Evans(US), for letting me share a photo of his Rz350 along with his animating description of a Tennessee road. 

Hi Nick,
Here is a picture of me on my 84 RZ350 (Kenny Roberts Edition) at Deal's Gap/ Tail of the Dragon. This road boasts 318 curves in 11 miles and is located in North Carolina/ Tennessee. I go each year and take both my RZ and '72 Kawasaki H2 Triple. If you use this picture on your website, please give credit to as he photographs on this stretch daily during good weather months. There's a large annual 2 stroke meet that happens each Spring at Deal's Gap with over 150 2 stroke street bikes. Hoping you can make it one year!
The PV controller works great! I have not experimented past the 31K curve which I really like. I will eventually try some of the other programmable curves. Thank you again for your service.