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electronic stuff

Busy at the racelab, 
modifying a RZV500R YPVS control box for Sandro (US) and a Tzr125 box for Nick(UK),
repairing a PgmIII for Jamie(AU), a PgmII for myself and fabricating a Battery Eliminator for Massimo(US). 
Still some work left for a Crm250 AR ecu for Ruan(MY). 

I find it very encouraging that more and more people are trusting my services and I try to keep up to their expectations. I'm also quite proud that I have -almost- resurrected two motorcycles that were in bad shape up to proper racers, out of funds solely based on my two stroke services-products. 
This might not sound like a lot, though is still important to me and I try to impart some of the knowledge that I gain through the process. 
Keep the two strokes alive & ride safe. 


  1. Hi !

    I have a TZR 125 2RJ (1988) and the YVPS controller died .
    Can You repair it , or make a list about the usually problems of the unit ?

    Have a wide road !

  2. Hi Balazs. What is the actual issue with your YPVS box?


  3. Hy Nick !

    It's perfect :) .



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