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Rs250 NX5 wheels on a Nsr250 MC28

Rs250 wheels can be used on a Nsr250 mc28 but there are a couple modifications that needs to be done. 

The front wheel is quite straight forward and you will only have to fabricate a 14mm spacer. All other parts can remain stock Nsr250 parts. 
Rear wheel installation is a little bit more complicated. 
The rear wheel collar should be changed with a NX5 one and the part number is 42606-MW4-000. At a first glance, it looks exactly the same as the mc28 item but it has a coned shape on the inner side that centers the wheel. Refer to the pic for the spacers, the titanium rear wheel nut is costly and optional though looks tricky and it's the cherry on the pie nonetheless. 
Also, the brake disk bolts should be changed and fitted in the opposite way or the wheel should be machined as bolts are protruding out of the rear hub and they will foul the wheel. 
The brake caliper will not fit with new rear disk pads and the center part of it needs to be milled about 2mm.  

No budget for tires now but I will post a pic when the conversion is complete. 
Share the info and keep the two strokes alive 'cause diesels are getting better each day.