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Chihuahua Project, Season 1, The Rolling chassis

Well, here is the first episode of the Honda Rs125 Nf4 project. Enjoy! 

All parts were disassembled and thoroughly cleaned so I reckon it's about time to start the resurrection of this little bike. 
This is a '89 model though previous owners have installed quite a few later nf4 parts and this counts for me as well when availability is short. After all it is a racer...!

The chassis is a '89 NF4 RF model and swingarm is from a later '90 bike.  
These are the forks the bike came with. They have a rebound adjuster so I think they might be out of a '92 and later model and this should count for the front gold master caliper as well. 
Usual suspects... stubborn brake piston on the rear caliper, all parts were completely dismantled and now in perfect working order. I still have some issues with the front caliper though.  I hate the red paint theme on the caliper but I hate painting more, so I'll stick with it as it is for now... gladly I won't be able to see it while riding the bike. 
Some minor polishing work and already started assembling the bike while renewing bearings, inspecting and repairing parts. 
End of episode one. I hope you enjoyed it.