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Chihuahua Project, Season 2, Episode 02

Temps are pretty high here in Greece and some missing parts are keeping me back... though I've managed to spent a couple hours on the nf4 project.I hope pics might be of some help to any people out there enjoying similar projects!

Here are the NF4 transmission ratios: 
First number for main shaft, second number for countershaft. 
1st Gear  17/31
2nd Gear 22/33
3rd Gear 24/31 
4th Gear 26/30 
5th Gear 27/29 
6th Gear 24/24 

Well, there is always time for beer.
Water pump ready. These parts were totally missing.
 Some good plates in.
 Electrics test fine while on the bench. I hope this counts under load as well. Only time will tell.

Cylinder is newly replated though need some chamfering prior installation. The engine came with a  HRC piston that sadly is out of spec but I will keep it for the first start up. I will have to order a new piston soon.