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Chihuahua Project, Season 2, Episode 03

I've spent some time with the NF4 project and I believe the engine is now complete though still needs some minor work here and there.

According to the porting theme, the cylinder is a '94 model and has a new nicasil plating from the last owner with the cross hatching markings still visible in there. After some chamfering work it's ready to be installed on the cases. 

Piston to cylinder clearance is 0.09mm so it's out of spec and ring gap is 0.42mm hence really close to service limit as well but do not exceed it. I will still use it for the first start up as to verify any possible issues with the rest of the bike e.g electronics etc

After a few minutes the engine is complete...

...thought the leak-down testing showed a major leak on the reed valve assy. 

I'm really thankful I didn't had to split the cases and after a couple more tries to seal the reed valve the leak down test got a stable and healthy measurement. 

So, it seems like the engine is now complete and ready to be installed on the frame.

 Thanks to Pierre(FR), I have now found the last missing part I needed, the carburetor box.


  1. Wow Thats quite a leak! Good to see you tracked down the part for under the carb. Looking forward to seeing this bike finished . Do you have a paint scheme in mind?

  2. Jamie, a new paint theme would be really nice but things are on a tight budget so I try to only concentrate on engine, brakes, wheels etc.


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