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Chihuahua Project, Season 3, First Startup

It seems like I'm slowly reaching the end of the NF4 project and the first start up is close enough. 
Here are some pics of the progress so far. 

I've managed to find the suitable water hoses as they were missing except the lower one that was replaced by an aluminum tube bended to shape. For more info on how to fabricate-form aluminum tubes for use as water hoses, use the search function of this blog. 
All electronics in place, turned the wheel in gear and yep... there is spark at the plug. 
Aluminum Renthal sprocket, DID chain and the regular blah blah... 

Keihin PJ38 carb, lovely view... note the clear vinyl hose behind the carb, it is the crankcase breather and Honda uses the frame to act as an oil catch tank.
Tidy and minimal.
The virtuousness of a racing 2T single cylinder bike.

A few things left here and there like bleeding the brakes, pour some oil on the front forks, mounting the '95 nx5 ferings etc.