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Just because...

In 1974, Agostini switched from MV Augusta to Yamaha. That's the time when Yamaha asked Castrol to develop a synthetic oil that would beat Castrol R by lubricating the engine more effectively, adding power and helping to combat engine detonation. The result was named Castrol A747... an almost 40 years old formula that still keeps rocking. 


  1. great oil! I run this in my rs 125 nf4 . In the street bikes nsr / rgv 250 i run the r 30 . It may not be the best oil but it sure smells the best. Jamie .

  2. Jamie, I was thinking the same thing a few months back as I use my nsr on the road as well.

    The R30 was my option and you can buy it in 4L bottles as well!
    In the meanwhile, I've found a dealer that can source A747 in very good prices so never actually bothered.

    R30 is also a very good oil for transmission use. I have no idea about wet bikes but it does work good on dry clutches.

  3. Way to late for me... the R30 is discontinued long ago.
    I meant to say R40!

  4. Every one thinks it not made anymore . But it is!! Thing is it does not say it is 2 stroke oil, actually it says nothing other than r 30 racing on the bottle and not to mix it with synthetic oil . Thats it! Supercheap auto in Australia sells it.I even put some race premix in my car after a meet a few weeks back and even the car smelt fantastic . I have a friend with a rotary rx7 from the 80s and he runs a direct injection oil pump in that with the r30 purely for the smell .

  5. LOL... can't source it locally though.
    Thanks for sharing the info!


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