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Chihuahua Project, Season 3, Episode 03

Race prepping the NF4 for it's first race... 
The whole process took about two days and I'm exhausted. 
Here are some notably pics of the process. 

New Vertex piston.

I have hand fabricated a powerjet for the PJ38 carb as it is a handy modification.

And a home made expansion chamber. This took about -almost non stop- 18 working hours! Handmade paddock stand as well. Not rigid enough but it does the job well.


  1. grats for the chamber....that was fast :D

  2. Αγορίνα μου εσύ... πότε θα μου πείς καλή επιτυχία να μαμηθεί το σύμπαν όλο? χαχαχαχαχα

  3. Δεν σου λεω γιατι θα κλαις μετα....


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