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For sale, Nsr250 MC28 track/ racing bike

I decided to sell my mc28, a lot of info about the bike can be found in this blog, just hit the Nsr250 tab. 

Bike specs : 
Nsr250 Mc28 R2R model, in good working order and ready to race.
I'm using the bike daily and I have attended 3 races this year. The crank failed on September and it now has another one in with new bearings and seals. I only made the last race with this crank. Both cylinders are newly replated and in excellent condition. Bike runs on PgmII electrics.
Some special parts on the bike:
PVM magnesium wheels (3.5 & 5in), originally oriented for rs250 Nx5
Gecko ramair
rs250 Nx5 Pj38 carbs and Nf5 carb manifolds
vforce reed valves
rs250 Nf5 radiator
tyga subframe
Rs250 Nx5 OHLINS rear shock 
Handmade exhausts (from HRC schematics)
Engine is tuned for Rm125 pistons (only the cylinder heads are machined and are both rear ones), it can be converted back to stock with new cylinder heads or doubled base gaskets. 

stock mc28 wheels
rear stand
a pair of new Rm125 pistons
spare cylinder with small mark on exhaust side
and some misc parts

Some issues:
side panel ferings are not that great
fuel tank has a couple dents
rh frame silent block that holds the exhaust n place needs to be replaced

Price is 3.000 GBP.  

P.s Do not hesitate to contact me for more info, pics etc.