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PICkit3 for PIC programming & motorcycle electronic experiments.

Pickit is a family of programers for PIC microcontrollers, made by Microchip Technology. The latest version called PICkit3 features a 16-bit PIC24F processor and offers a useful & convenient way for either programming or debugging PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers. Accompanying the pickit3 and available for free download is a powerful graphical user interface called MPLAB Integrated Development Enviroment (IDE). 
For the connection to the PC you only need a free USB port and the pickit can be connected to the target via a header and instantly used as an in circuit serial programming (ICSP) device. 
Making a simple Google search for motorcycle projects using PIC microcontrollers, you will find lots of stuff like CDI units, Quick Shifters, Shift Lights etc. and sometimes these projects include the HEX files so you're ready to program and experiment with some PICs with the help of Pickit3.