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2stroke Bibliography

A short list of two stroke related books. A lot of them are now discontinued and the list is certainly not complete but I beleive I have included all the major and well known books.
1) Design and Simulation of Two-Stroke Engines, Gordon P. Blair
2) Basic Design of Two Stroke Engines, Gordon P. Blair
3) Two-Stroke Performance Tuning, Graham Bell
4) Motorcycle Tuning: Two-Stroke, John Robinson
5) The High-Performance Two-Stroke Engine, John C. Dixon
6) Villiers Singles Improvements Handbook, Rob Carrick & John Wood
7) Mini-motocross & Pitbike Performance handbook, Eric Gorr
8) Motocross & Off-road Performance handbook, Eric Gorr
9) Two-Stroke Tuner's Handbook, Gordon Jennings
10) The Two-stroke Cycle Engine, Heywood
11) Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals, Heywood
12) Two Stroke high Performance Engine Design and Tuning, Bossaglia
13) Two Stroke Power Units, Irving
14) Tuning for Speed, Irving
15) The High Speed Internal Combustion Engine, Ricardo
16) Two stroke Exhaust Systems, Roy Bacon
17) Two Stroke Tuning, Roy Bacon