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Handmade Handlebars for the Tz125

A few years back, I made a post on diy clip on bars that you can find in the below link - diy clip on bars

Today I fabricated another set of handlebars for my new toy, a Tz125 4jt bike. So, I thought of sharing a few more pics from the process.
First thing, you need an aluminum tube that has an outside diameter of 22mm. Cut the tube according to your needs e.g for the Tz125 you need two pieces that measure 24cm in length.
 This time I used acetal to make the end plugs on the lathe.
 Nothing fancy here, just common lathe operations like facing, turning and drilling.
 I don't own a ball attachment, so I used the compound to cut a taper. Looks fine by me!
 And here is the end result.
Now back to the little Tz bike to replace the old clip on bar...
 ...with the new one.
Have fun & keep the Two Strokes alive!