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Some pipes by Martin aka martin77

Greetings to all.
I haven't been blogging a lot lately due to a lot of work and loss of ideas... so, it's a nice opportunity to present some work from fellow Martin. 

Martin is based in Devon, UK and I believe he is contributing and helping on 2T forums for more than a decade. I used to read all of his helpful info on tuning Tzr-Tdr250 bikes and I've learned a lot from him. 

He is well known for his tuning work on many Yamaha bikes but I believe the most commendable point are his hydroformed expansion chambers for TZR and RD bikes.,
You can find Martin at "mjseventyseven AT" and of course via the tdr250 forum.

Some of his work...
Tdr250 Pipes

Tzr250 1KT - 2MA Pipes

RD350LC/YPVS pipes (available to give either 9500rpm or 10,200rpm peak power).