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How I converted a wet clutch basket for use with a FCC Dry Clutch (Part 3)

And here is the final part on using a wet clutch basket for a FCC dry clutch conversion.
I installed the clutch basket on the lathe and just did a simple "boring" operation. The FCC basket had a clearance of about 0.5mm with the backplate, so this was not really a critical job and it was easy to aim for a tighter clearance as well.
 And here is the result after the boring job...
The backplate is now a nice and tight fit and everything looks good. I've also used the cushions from the WET clutch basket as they fit perfectly. I don't see why Honda may have used separate rubber cushions for a dry clutch. One thing to note though is that due to exposure to high heat and no lubrication, they become very stiff and fragile while the wet clutch cushions have normally a more prolonged life.

I didn't bother with making or buying new rivets as well. I just used a tap to thread the existing holes. Just out of memory, I believe it was a M5 tap that I used.

And here is the end result, temporarily fitted on the bike and everything looks good. 
Keep in mind that the wet clutch pressure plate can also be used for the dry clutch as well.

That's it.
Have fun and keep the two strokes alive.