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YPVS Controller Repair

It's 04:00 ante meridiem, listening to BBC Radio 4, drinking Ouzo and working on Richard's(UK) YPVS constrollers, how surreal is that? One unit needed a repair job and the DIP switch modification, for the other one I was asked to just do the modification job.
Both YPVS units are now ready for posting back.

Sometimes I need to do some kind of repair jobs, an electronics engineer wouldn't approve.

This YPVS controller I received had some previous bad soldering job and a few damaged PCB traces  and I was forced to use somewhat "unconventional" ways to repair it. It is now sealed with PCB transparent protective coating and a bit of black hot stick glue to absorb any possible vibrations. It will last for a long time, if not forever.
The wiring loom fitments on these YPVS units were modified with water resistant plugs but I don't have enough info on that. I didn't liked them at first and I was a bit frustrated on how to thoroughly test the units but I found a way and they started looking lovely after a while. They look better than the cheapish OEM Yamaha plugs, as well.


  1. You are a genius with this stuff, thanks for posting about your work, love reading about it! (I'm an NSR250R MC28 owner)

  2. Many thanks for your kind words Craig. Comments like these do help after a hard day and I'm glad I still have people reading my blog. Cheers!

  3. Thats good work mate. I'm TZM150 owner, But i think my YPVS slightly different :(

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  4. my ypvs electronic unit having some burn marks where the wires are going out what could be the problem??

    1. Might be an overload, short-circuit etc. I can check it out for you but please send me an e-mail for details.


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