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Nsr250 PGM3 Repair - Upgrade

Most PGM units now have almost 30 years of use and ignition fail is a thing to expect. Aged parts and drained capacitors have a lot of side effect as well. A PGM unit with low miles puts out about 300V DC to the ignition coils but most of them rarely exceed 280V DC. 

All PGM3 units leaving the workshop put out 320V DC and the cleanest possible waveforms as they were intended when they left the factory. On a well serviced unit you will immediately notice easier cold starting and a crispier sound and you haven't even ridden the bike yet!

Ps. Fourteen PGM units with ignition issues, all repaired and I now have to proceed to Rc Valve checking and repairing, a couple solenoid issues etc. but that's the easy stuff. Thank you. Nick